Transforming Data from an aspiration to business insights

Who you are

You know that data can be a competitive advantage, but you just don't know how to get better usage of it. You're ready to bring in some expertise who can help level up your organization.

What you need

You're looking for support to help you build a muscle for making data-driven decisions, not someone trying to sell you their tool.

Where you're stuck

There are so many tools out there, all selling you that they're the solution to make your company data-driven, but if it were that easy, wouldn't every company be data-driven? You are ready to invest in a strategy to grow your organization's data function.

Our Data Principles

Our Services

Strategy, Training, and Advisement

You have the rigth tactical people but need help with the strategic guidance; or, you know it's not time to invest in the strategic people but need help hiring the right tactical folks. We've been there, and we can help you develop a plan specific to your organization.

KPI Development and Tracking

KPI Dashboards are all the rage, but what metrics do you actually need. We pull from our data expertise across multiple industries to help you develop a KPI strategy and implement a tracking, reporting, and monitoring plan, as well as a metrics alignment strategy.

ETL & Data Warehousing

All your data needs to be in one place- at least, that's what the cool kids say. How do you get it there? What do you do with it when it's there? What do you build vs buy? What are the best tools in this space? Need to balance budget with efficiency? We consider your preferences, including predisposition to open source and maintenance ability before we make any reccomendations.

Data Modeling

We start by figuring out what style of modeling is going to best suit your team and businesses needs. We're not loyalist to one methodology; we're loyalists to setting you up for success. Then we understand your business processes and use that to drive the creation of an architecture that can help you achieve your data goals.


Data Warehouses

Snowflake BigQuery Redshift

Business Intelligence

Meltano Mode Periscope Chartio Looker

Transformation and orchestration

dbt Airflow Dagster Prefect

Data Extraction and Loading (ELT)

Meltano FiveTran Stitch

Product Analytics

Snowplow Mixpanel Segment Heap